Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

The level of emotional intelligence (EQ) 
Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand the feelings and the ability to manage them. 

The first scientist, noted the need for this skill for survival and adaptation in a society considered Darwin, who in 1860 conducted a series of studies on the influence of the external manifestations of emotions on the length and quality of life. 

The main part of the terminology of the field of knowledge emerged in the twentieth century. Were introduced concepts such as social intelligence, state management, the scope of stress management, emotional factor. 

The modern model was formed in 1996, after which they were drawn up lists of questions, the answers to which can help determine how people understand the depth of emotions and their symptoms, and how he is able to control, in fact, himself. Now you can take the test online and find out the level of emotional intelligence (EQ). 

The main components of EQ 
1. Scope of personality - the ability to understand their feelings, motives, spontaneous actions. Strong personality sphere allows you to control your emotions, overcome stress, negative external effects (manipulation). Problems in the area of personality are the cause of low self-esteem, goal setting wrong prone to manipulation. In this case, a person can spend time and effort on something that he really did not need, and make other people under the influence of the actions that can harm him. For example, education of parents under pressure, being content with the low post, spontaneous purchases. 

2. Scope of the relationship - the ability to understand the emotions and feelings of other people, maintain relationships, to be part of the team, not dissolving in it without losing yourself. Strong interaction sphere allows to understand the motives of other people, predict their behavior, to successfully build business, friendships, family relationships. The problems in the sphere of interaction evidenced by the frequent conflicts accompanied by feelings, difficulty in relationships with colleagues, bosses, business partners. 

3. Scope of adaptability - the ability to adapt to changes and react to them quickly. Strong adaptability scope allows you to find and use the positive side of any situation, literally "make lemonade out of lemons." Problems in the area of adaptability lead to inadequate assessment of reality, negative perception of any, even the most favorable that can significantly improve the quality of life changes. 

It should be understood that all components are interconnected. Thus, the ability to understand their feelings affect the ability to recognize the emotions of people around them. Ability to build relationships and find a way out of any situation a positive effect on self-esteem, and vice versa: healthy self-esteem helps you find friends and business partners. 

How to know the level of emotional intelligence 
Each person can independently adjust any component of the EQ. However, you need to understand what the problem is and what its causes. To determine what should work, you can take the test online at EQ .