G factor

G factor

Everyone has the innate anatomical and physiological features of the brain that affect his intelligence. This concept includes all the basic functions of knowledge of the world, and in the narrow sense it means a complicated and until the end of the Unknown thinking process. Attempts were made to determine the level of intelligence in the 19th century, when they began to use different kinds of psychological tests. But they all boil down to an attempt to calculate the so-called IQ or Q. Thus psychologists gathered to quantify the degree of intellectual development as a person.

For example, the main theory of intelligence, developed by scientist Spearman, taking into account the interconnected results of several psychological tests, and in each of them is a general principle, which has been called - g factor - «G». Along with him was passed to the so-called factor «S». He is directly related to the peculiarities of each test task. Therefore, the theory that investigates human intelligence using these two factors became known as two-factor.

Its further development has led to the conclusion that intelligence can be estimated if we summarize the results of performing multiple tests, and the number and types of changes all the time. But the scale of measurement of intelligence, which was created by Spearman, as well as the notion of intelligence, which is a whole, remained still.

In our country, in conjunction with this method of measurement is widely used intelligence test iq , scientists proposed Amthauerom. It is used to perform the selection of candidates for training in various professions. This test can take people of all ages, ranging from 13 years, but depending on the available human life experience to apply certain age norms. Good results are obtained for the first 4 tests indicate good development abilities to assimilate theory, and the next 5 - practical skills.

IQ was in this case means the level of intellectual skills with which is necessary to solve the problem of verbal and non-verbal type. Any intelligence tests consists of a large number of different tasks that need to be done in a short time. Received points for correct execution of the task are added, which allows to conclude that the available abilities. Such testing can predict success in learning, but much less in their professional activity and creativity.