Development of intelligence and memory

Development of intelligence and memory

Intelligence is translated from the Latin. denoted by "subconscious" or "understanding". So called global cognitive system, which, in turn, consists of subsystems: the thinking subsystem, perceptual and mnemonic subsystem subsystem. The purpose of this system is the information interaction of man, as an individual, with the environment. By intelligence is meant all cognitive functions lichnosti.On is the highest cognitive processes. Intelligence skills can be developed with the help of special tasks that focus on imagination. Intelligence has a direct relationship with a zest for life and imagination.

What is Intelligence?

Intellect is at least three definitions:

Intelligence is present in an individual by virtue of the fact that he can think abstractly.
Under the intellect to understand the possibility of the individual to act purposefully, as well as right to think and behave appropriately.
Intelligence is the ability to obtain and use and reproduce knowledge to comprehend the essence of the interaction between objects and ideas, as well as to understand the abstract and concrete ideas.
Types and properties of intelligence

For the intellect is characterized by the following abilities:

Analytical skills allow to analyze the information received, divide it into logical and semantic blocks, compare and contrast different pieces of information.
Logical capabilities provide the ability to build arguments, analyze and think without violating the principles of logic, make logical conclusions.
Deductive abilities allow to get the right idea of the flow of information, to make a generalization, collect private in general and search patterns.
Critical faculties are an opportunity to critically evaluate information, dismissal, false ideas.
Capacity for imaginative thinking make it possible to correlate the in the mind is totally different, bringing them under one denominator.
Ability for abstract thinking may provide build complex ideas in mind and keep in mind complex system.
Predictive ability - is the ability to think of everything in advance, forming a model of future events and holding solutions of different alternatives.
Ability to concentrate to hold the attention.
Part of intelligence corresponds directly to the mind. Also could be called intelligence and the ability to rational knowledge. Can not be obtained from nature at birth, and it is necessary to develop throughout life.

The easiest recipe for the development of intelligence

For the development of intelligence you need to start to develop an interest in their lives. It is important to be able to find interesting in all aspects of life. Quickly learn to read and easy to remember, without interest and hobbies impossible.

Several exercises for developing intelligence

Memorize poetry.
Perform actions that require simultaneous action of several fingers, for example, you can play a musical instrument.
Start your diary, recording there anything that happened during the day, and then analyzing it.
Get to know how fast reading.
Plan and forecast its future, and then analyze why fulfilled or not fulfilled your predictions. So you can manage your life and predict the future.
How to start faster decisions?

For quick decision-making is necessary to learn to study and reflect. The more tasks you choose, the easier it will be given new solution.

To develop the brain, it is necessary to exercise. But the ways to think quickly, you need to stop thinking altogether. In a difficult situation brain itself will issue a decision. We must learn to pick up tips. Help in the methods "of divergence" on the situation and autogenic training.

It is important to decide for themselves in what area you want to make quick decisions, and then come up with training in this area. To think faster requires training.