IQ testing and what we know about him

IQ testing and what we know about him

IQ is a kind of average figure, testifying about the intellectual abilities of people. Every person is unique - fingerprints, hair color, behavior, voice is not there similar. The same applies to mental capabilities. 

IQ testing can identify intellectual potential, evaluate yourself, compare the result with the available data. In particular, North American students regularly undergoing tests, the figure is 120, and especially diligent students, honors, awards competitions reach the level of 140. 

Test iq will also critically look at current lifestyle, something to correct, change something. After all, proved a big factor is common, for example, long-lived. Regular exercise helps the brain stay healthy longer, be in good shape to allow adequate blood flow to the brain. 

However iq test should not be upset. Intellectual growth of mental activity is observed only to 26-27 years. Then possible gradual continuous decline. Of course, this does not mean dullness. There is simply the nature of the upper limit, which is impossible to jump. 

Every iQ test carefully compiled by scientists (with the participation of psychologists). This one takes the conditional value of 100. This is just an average value aykyu population. 88% of individuals has a value in the range 90-110. Thanks to the free test you can estimate yourself, your intellectual capabilities. 

iq test online consists of questions provided with multiple choice answers. Questions naturally chosen specifically to test easily figured out that you have to hike. You will be offered the job of finding intricate relationships, manipulating numbers, attentiveness, etc. Passing test, you will surely know yourself better. Good luck!