Marilyn vos Savant

Marilyn vos Savant

Writer, financier, columnist. It is called a woman, better than all the surrendered test iq . Since childhood, she gained high scores: 228, 186 and 218. Due to the rare ability name vos Savant four consecutive years (1986-1989) was listed in the Guinness Book of Records. 

Evaluate its intelligence repeatedly called Marilyn "the smartest woman in the world." Consists of two companies: Prometheus and Mensah, whose members have the highest on the planet iq. 

She was born in 1946 (St. Louis, USA). Her mother - an Italian father - Austrian, both immigrants. Among the ancestors of his father - the philosopher Ernst Mach. In his youth, Marilyn took his mother's surname, vos Savant, who has glorified. 

Clever girl wrote articles for newspapers in St. Louis, and helped his father develop business investment. After school she studied philosophy at the University of Washington, but had to leave classes to improve the financial situation of the family. Was married three times, in 1987, married to Robert Jarvik, designed the artificial heart. There are children from previous marriages. He lives with his family in New York.

Vela column "Ask Marilyn" in the magazine Parade, where she was responsible to readers' letters. Later was CFO of the company of her husband. Now has its own website, where advice on environmental issues, immigration and proper nutrition. For his efforts in the field of culture has received a doctoral degree at the College of New Jersey. 

First time Marilyn was able toa pass the test at age 10 and soon showed an unusually high result - 228. Being mature, re passed the test and scored 186 points on the Mega-test (which is equivalent to 224 test scores Stanford-Binet). This enabled recognize vos Savant female genius, although she believed that the exact value of intelligence can not be measured. Upper bound estimate of the mind Marilyn impossible since few beats it by level. 

Marilyn believes that more than half the capacity depends on heredity. The situation can be improved by eating correctly. She also explains that the main function of the intellect lies in the ability to objectively analyze what is happening and to discover the truth. Do not be afraid of defeat, it is transient. But if you refuse to fight, it will become a permanent defeat. 


surname "vos Savant" translated from French as "wise men" 
There is a website where anyone can challenge the statements Marilyn 
other family members vos Savant have a similar level of ability: her husband value iq 180, his son - 164 
Mensa organization created to study and support of human intelligence. For its members, it is important to not only learn your level of IQ, but also work together to solve the world's problems