Mega Society

Mega Society

Interest to undergo tests to measure the level of intelligence originated a long time and does not cease to this day. There are many tests that can be passed to find out your level of intelligence. After passing these tests, even entire communities are formed, bringing together people with very high IQs. 

Mega Society - an association of people with very high levels of IQ, existing since 1982. Its creator was made by Ronald K. Hoeflin - philosopher, assessment of intelligence which ranged from 125 to 175 points. He created a test company Mega measuring IQ. Along with this test, there are a few others, are used to measure intelligence when joining the Mega Society: Test Titanium and test Stanford - Binet. 

He and other scientists have assumed that people with extremely high IQ are radically different from the rest of the community. Association in the community will allow a better understanding of their outstanding abilities. Such a study - one of the goals of community Mega. This and other similar societies, for example, Mensah, make a great contribution to the development of psycho-diagnostics and allow to reveal new secrets of the human brain. Possibly on the basis of these studies will be to better understand the functioning of the human brain, as well as learn ways to develop mental abilities to the highest level. 

In order to get to the Mega Society testing is necessary to pass on the highest level: from 171 points per test and up. This figure is found in one person in a million, in general, the results of passing this test vary widely - from 40 to 160 points. The average is between 100 and 120 points, a level of intelligence seen in a very skilled and educated people. IQ of about 160 found in one person at 30,000. 

Anyone can try to become a member of society Mega: pass the test , and thus confirm their outstanding intellectual ability. There is one important rule: the test should be performed not in the online mode. Reception of participants in this elite community happens all the time. Despite the criticism of tests that measure the level of intelligence, they show high performance. 

Each participant is given a special Mega Society certificate of passing the test at the highest level. Community has its own publication and has been a regular issue of the scientific journal called Noesis, which translates as "scientific knowledge."