Mensa International: Organization for the best

Mensa International: Organization for the best

Mensa International-an organization that unites people with an IQ of over the top two percent of the population. Since all IQ tests differ from each other, then there is no clear border minimum number of points: for Stanford-Binet test is 132, for test Cattell - 148. Ie compared only interest compared with the bulk of the people. Mensah has no commercial motives, and join her can anyone whose IQ meets the requirements for membership. To do this, you just need to pass a standardized test for IQ, optionally in the presence of the authorized representative of the organization. If there is none in the country, a request is sent to the International Mensa. It should be noted that the online testing for potential community members is prohibited.

Mensa members are more than 110 thousand people in different countries (50 national teams). Thus, if in a country there is no corresponding national group organization, a person who wishes to enter there, can directly join Mensa International. Most large organizations - is the American and the British (56 th and 25.5 thousand members, respectively), while they in turn are divided into subgroups.

Mensah has its own constitution, or charter, which bears the following ideas:

- Intelligence people to serve the whole of humanity;

- Need to fully explore the intellect, his nature, characteristics and applications; - The creation of suitable conditions for the development of intelligence community members.

The origins of the largest and most well-known organizations are still in 1946. That's when two people - a barrister from Australia Ronald Berry and scholar, a lawyer from England Lancelot Lionel warps - decided to establish an organization that would unite people with high IQ worldwide. They did not pursue political or material goals, but wanted to make Mensa free from social differences that people are not united in communion origin or material status, and the mind and intellect. Members of the organization are involved in various cultural and social events, united in their interests, creating separate groups that function at both the local and international level. Groups variability exists due to the wide variety of social backgrounds, professions and interests of participants.

Mensa members regularly attend and arrange a variety of activities, including annual, which are held in different cities. At these meetings, participants have fun dancing, listening to reports and play mind games. There are activities at the regional level, the purpose of which - to expand the geography of participants. For example, the event, which takes place near Chicago, you can attend at a costume ball and the competition for the best sharpness. This two immutable attribute this meeting.

Undergo a trial test! Perhaps, you will find yourself among the best.