Test Amthauera

Test Amthauera

German psychologist Robert Amthauer developed a test to assess the level of general abilities. According to the concept of human intelligence scientist is working closely with all the layers of personality and can not be assessed without taking into account the will of the emotional sphere, the diverse interests and needs.

Description of the structure of the test

R. Amthauer included in the methodology to assess the tasks of various aspects of intellectual activity. All subtests are divided into the following groups:

1. Verbal subtests. At this level there is diagnostic of verbal ability, that is, assessment of understanding of information that is presented in verbal form.
2. Spatial subtests. Level aims to diagnose spatial imagination, Visual thinking, practical design skills.
3. Math subtests. The level determines the development of skills related to handling mathematical numbers, quantitative modeling of various phenomena.

Feature Test - simultaneously diagnosed general ability and professional orientation. To pass the test Amthauera should consider certain requirements to trial participants. Firstly, the method requires a certain speed of thought. Secondly, in a more preferred position are those with mathematical orientation.

In the basis of development Amthauera task was to find a way to score diagnostic professional interpretation. The purpose of the methodology - getting information about general abilities with a bias in the professional sphere. For example, the prevalence of verbal intelligence suggests usefulness obtaining social and humanitarian professions. The advantage of the spatial intelligence - a man better show itself in the technical field, and mathematical skills needed in the economy.

Features of the test and interpretation

The test method provides the examinee to pass 9 levels, each block is 16-20 jobs. Dining assignments are examples of solutions in the instructions for each block. To facilitate the passage of desirable well understand the instructions. For each block of tasks allocated time is likely to pass all levels of the proposed period will fail. But not to worry and fret. The basic principle of work - attentiveness and concentration. If you can not find a solution, it is best to move on to the next task, or the time runs out and the result will be unsatisfactory.

Age characteristics of subjects - from 12 years. To pass the test Amthauera line there is no particular limitation, but it is desirable to use the diagnostic data to 35-40. Special emphasis is on the extent of the general culture of the test, its speed of thought.

Features of use of the interpretation of the test:

1.high performance on verbal sub-tests indicate propensity for learning foreign languages, ability for social studies.
2. High performance on complex mathematical subtests show a good ability in this field. Selecting a professional field must be linked to the technical direction.
3. High performance structural tests indicate significant spatial abilities, general scientific talent. In the absence of education, such people prevails hand skillfully that is practical orientation of intelligence.