Test concentration

Test concentration

The human attention has four properties: pereklyuchaemost, stability, volume and concentration. Concentration of attention is the ability of a person to focus on any particular object by releasing it on the background of the other. 

If you decide If you decide to take the test on the concentration, you should consider some of the most popular methods - "10 words" technique Münsterberg and tables Schulte. 

The basis of the test, "10 words" Us is a short-term memory and concentration test. He only once read out ten random words which do not is absolutely no connection. Then, his task - to repeat these words in random order. If the test calls is less than seven words is considered a bad result, more than seven - good. A result of the seven words is considered satisfactory. 

According to the test by the method of Münsterberg, the man behind two minutes should be found in a long passage, consisting exclusively of letters, as many words. Found words to emphasize the need to pencil. Typically, the text contains twenty-three encrypted words. If the test in two minutes found fewer words, it means the level of concentration is unsatisfactory, if more - great. 

Schulte Tables represent a set of numbers from twenty-five to one, located in the matrix cells of size five by five. The task of the test - specify all the numbers in order (from one to twenty-five). If the table will leave at least forty seconds, it can be said that the test for care performed perfectly. Considered a satisfactory result is not more than fifty seconds. If a job has taken more than fifty seconds, the concentration of your attention is unsatisfactory. 

On the Internet there are many opportunities to get tested for attention, that is, to see how the subject is self-assured in this life, and not lose you in a given situation due to lack of concentration. The subject is given a series of questions about how the world affects him, or how he would have behaved in a given situation. By answering a series of questions, the test will be able to understand which category of people it belongs - to the inattentive or to the self-confident people are always located on the alert. 

Of course, when there is insufficient focus should strive to be attentive to everything, even to the little things, because of the scattered human fairly easily fooled, even more distraction can lead to depression and long-term anxiety disorders.