Test Eysenck

Test Eysenck

Eysenck test is designed to assess general intellectual abilities. In fact, there are eight versions of the test Eysenck. They are equally used in digital, graphic and verbal material that provides equal opportunities for people with various intellectual virtues. 

Eysenck tests are designed for people aged 18 to 50 years with at least secondary education. 

The purpose of the test is to determine the IQ - a coefficient reflecting the level of intelligence of the individual relative to the average values ​​(100) for his age. Speaking on the mean value, we mean that about half of the people is greater than the other half - less than a hundred. 

Eysenck test, and other tests as IQ, is not intended to assess the level of education and erudition, but only to assess cognitive abilities. 

Some councils wishing to pass the test of Eysenck right now: 

The travel time is limited to 30 minutes. Therefore, do not linger too long on any job, but do not give up too quickly. 
No one can go through the entire test in a given time and at the same time to perform all the tasks correctly. Just be aware of this. 
The complexity of the task by the end of the test increases. But this should not hinder you. After all, you've warmed up on simpler tasks. 
Mandatory condition is to use all the information contained in the job. In this case the response is usually only one, and it is obvious. 
If a person has no choices, it usually puts the answer at random. 
If in doubt, the answer - still put it. You will not be able to go back and think again. 
Russian alphabet is used in the test without the letter "e". Number of points in verbal tasks equal to the number of letters. 
Passage second time devoid of meaning. Psychologists say that passing the test Eysenck five times in succession, you can improve your score by an average of ten points. But this result does not reflect the true state of affairs. 
Something else about the tests Eysenck 

Speed ​​of mental processes in the human constantly changing environment - that is the true subject of this test. That is why the test is limited in time. The test should be maximally mobilized to deal with various increasingly complex tasks. Ordinary person is able to cope with all tasks of the test for an unlimited time. 
Alternative answers. Yes, many of the questions there is more than one answer. Some particularly meticulous test, passing the test of boredom (and not, for example, when applying for a job), especially those seeking and finding answers. Ambitious citizens think that they enter into an intellectual duel with the originator of the test. In fact, they just spend the allotted time. This is a common mistake introverts. 
Work on the bugs. Poor performance can lead not only excessive meticulousness and low speed, but also a lack of perseverance. Lack of work on the bugs - a weak spot extraverted individuals.