Test IQ - an inside look

Test IQ - an inside look

Many are wary of passing the test iq. And this is understandable. After all, everyone in my heart feels, if not genius, then clearly a remarkable person. And this test can not fully describe each, it just is equalizing element. Pass it difficult for people inattentive and distracted. 

Iq tests are now especially popular in the United States, although their appearance, or rather out of the book's techniques - British psychologist Eysenck, in the 70 years was met with threats of arson second-hand bookshops. The problem may have been that in this book discuss interracial levels of intelligence. So that "white" is not like the comparison with blacks against mental development. 

In the test procedure used tasks to different levels of perception, which allows for fairly uniform results. This is due to the fact that the level of knowledge or advantages for the implementation of, for example, visual tasks will not bring a lot of points. iq test was created in the study of different types of personalities, different manifestations of the nature and perception of the world. So he called, and the highly educated lover of reading, and a man with a small store of knowledge. 

A total of 40 different tasks, and the test will be completed. But before that you need to carefully study the instructions and pay attention to each question. After all, a lot depends on perseverance when passing text. Inattention can bring too low results. 

If the test result was the figure of less than 70 units, it may speak of two factors. Either the user inattentively read the conditions for passing the test and answered at random, without thinking too much. Or a bad option - the results are the signs of mental retardation. So it's best to get tested again. 

Pass iq test and get the number of points from 90 to 110 - this is a good and the most common result. Typically, it is produced half of the subjects. Records from 111 to 140 to mention a large amount of intelligence to be developed. Indeed, without the knowledge they have little useful in life. 

Undergo re-test the best, and in cases of very high rates - more than 140 units. Such a number of units of intelligence can mean either a genius or a programming error. It is best to answer the questions again to make sure its non-standard or not. 

For these intellectuals Eysenck at one time even developed a separate test that can show the level of education. But still difficult to assess the knowledge, as such, because they may be in a completely different areas.