Lusher test

Lusher test

Color test Lyushara - a toy or a professional method of investigation?

Psychologists in their recommendations are usually based on the data of their studies with the help of certain tasks tests. One of these tests, more than half a century popular is the Luscher color test (CTL). Our contemporary, Swiss psychologist Max Lüscher lifetime engaged color diagnostics. He still does not stop counseling therapists. The scientist believes that an objective understanding of color for all and privileges for each color are different, subjective, that allows you to define tasks with the help of color preferences psychological state. The choice of color, in his opinion, the process of latent defining the true nature of man, and not his image of himself or his desire to some conspicuous ideal, as is the case with the assistance of polling methods. This choice does not depend on age, level of education, gender or other characteristics of the person. 

Color involved in the tasks were chosen empirically psychologist of four and a half thousand colors with the five-year experiment, a large number of different subjects. In order to pass the test Luscher, and get reliable results is necessary to observe the standard package colors. It is now available to all passing CTL online almost instantaneous delivery of results. The testing process is to select the test colors according to their degree of pleasantness for him. Not acceptable distortion tones under artificial lighting or the direction of sunlight. From the person requires to abstract from alluvial influences on his reaction, for example, fashion, traditions and others. 

CTL is presented in two versions - full, consisting of seven tables, and a brief containing eight colors. The first of the tests are quite voluminous, it is used in cases where it is impossible to use other methods. A person must make a choice 48 times. First, the selection is made of the five shades of gray. Moreover, the preferred color disappears, narrowing the choices. Then offered a similar action with an eight-table, etc. Short-cut method is concise and easy to use, so they are more likely than full. This embodiment involves only an eight table. 

Luscher color test, despite almost a game form its passage - a serious tool for professional psychiatrists, psychologists, and others, allows us to judge about the presence of human psycho-physiological problems of his stress, communication, etc. On the basis of CTL they give professional advice on how to prevent stress and psihofihiologichesky avoid the consequences of various mental disorders. 

CTL has a lot of supporters, to continue and expand his research, and outspoken critics, which can be compared with people who speak different languages​​, but proving that their language is better than another. But still, however, consider the CTL is not a game, and a phenomenal resource for the study of human personality. To see this, it is necessary to pass the test Lyushara online .