Test the speed of thought

Test the speed of thought

More than a century ago coined the term IQ as an attempt to quantitatively measure such a thing as a multi-faceted human intellect. Introduced this designation by the German scientist Wilhelm Stern. They were carried out comparing the mental development of a particular person in relation to the same indicator of some of the average person of the same age. To do this, developed and applied a variety of tests on the thinking

Most often invited to take the test at the speed of thought . Invented a different scale, with the help of which took place a comparison of the test results, and thus was calculated level of intelligence. Most famous are the tests Eysenck, Wechsler, Raven and others. Currently, the interest in such tests are not weakened. On the contrary, the internet a great multitude. Most of them give the mathematical, linguistic, logical, and other tasks, increasingly complex with each new level. According to the results of these tasks is determined by the mental level of the test person. Moreover, it was found that the more a person trained in the passage of such assignments, the higher ultimate productivity. This confirms that thinking can be developed, his training gives good results. 

Test problems are usually tied to a certain age, social, occupational, or other group of people, ie always there is a comparison of people who have some common features. If, for example, the same result is a high school student and a junior high school teacher, it indicates that they are sufficiently developed in his age group. 

Many scientists are skeptical about the results of such surveys, because, in their opinion, it is doubtful the notion of the average person, and the determination of the level of intelligence on the speed of thinking too simplistic and subjective. Does not exist and can not exist in a standard multi-faceted concept as intelligence. Many tasks with a view to pass the test of thinking , just not based on performance results. After all, the ability to meditation also have a high intellect. 

In this regard, an interesting view of the survey is to identify the main type of thinking for career counseling. Connection of different types of thinking is often necessary in certain activities, and sometimes requires the predominance of, for example, creative, abstract or symbolic object thinking. This gives a convincing superiority in mastering a particular profession. 

To increase the speed of thought, there are various techniques, for example, the training speed of perception of the text. However, this figure more quantitative rather than qualitative. He speaks of the capacity for rapid decision-making, but without taking into account the quality and depth of thinking does not reflect its effectiveness. For example, these are not measurable criteria such as fantasy, abstraction and logic often helped to make brilliant discoveries. Therefore should not be taken the test result on a single indicator as a panacea or a sentence.