Test to attentiveness

Test to attentiveness

Mindfulness - the quality required for each person at work or school, for rest and observation for relations with other people. The ability to listen to the interlocutor, to focus on activities and remember to note the similarities and differences of the object, situation, or the appearance of clothing - it's inherent properties considerate person.

A good leader should be careful to subordinates, teacher - to children. Near and dear people can be offended if they do not pay attention. Events and experiences, health, interests and desires of other people will not escape from the careful man. Successful investigators and detectives have the ability to focus as much as possible on the subject, to determine the quality of the individual and the type of activity on the behavior and manners of the suspect.

Inattention - is the inability to focus on a specific event or problem, these people are not able to reason logically and consistently, distracted, "find Raven." And with their studies and work, and building relationships with people scattered people cope much worse than attentive.

Test for care will help determine the condition of the properties of the individual in each case.

Diffidence when applying for a coveted position, the failure of the university entrance exam, the relationship with your loved one - all the unpleasant events can be corrected if to take the test on the care and begin to cultivate inner attention.

Curiosity, the desire to know the environment - this is mindfulness. To develop this quality adult will need to:

Pay attention to your feelings: heat or cold, the scent of morning coffee or the smell of a wet winter clothes in a crowded public transport, soft leather gloves or new hot sand under your feet - all this is a reason for observation, emotions, thoughts. Need to remember their immediate impressions and reactions to them the sense organs;
Improves mood even if just smile counter, someone will answer the same smile and the mood immediately improved. In a bad mood the person withdraws into himself, his thoughts, he was not to the knowledge;
Be curious to what is happening around - and life will be richer and more interesting with new sensations, smells, impressions;
Do not think about the events at the time they occur, to step back from his thoughts, and observe, to feel, to get maximum information and emotions from happening, try to remember every detail;
Do not forget about the attention to yourself, to your body. Too tightly buttoned belt or narrow uncomfortable skirt can be a barrier to knowledge of the surrounding and spoil the mood for the whole day;
If emotions overwhelm the soul and torn out from what is happening around - this is a victory, curiosity prevailed over rationalism and pessimism.
Care is needed driver behind the wheel, the businessman negotiating, Secretary in the preparation of a contract or other important documents, communicating with friends, when establishing business contacts. Even to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing requires a certain concentration.

But before kindled enthusiasm to rush to cultivate curiosity and desire to learn, you need to pass a test on the care and determine if it is all catastrophically bad, or vice versa, at an altitude of care and can rest on our laurels.