Tests online

Tests online

The idea of creating such a test appeared in the early twentieth century, at the peak of the rapid development of scientific knowledge about psychology and the human psyche. Just three of the great scientists of the time made their consistent contribution to the development and finalization of the test system of the human intellect. However, it was the German psychologist W. Stern introduced the term «IQ test" in 1912, which stands for «intelligence quotient» and literally translates to English as "IQ". Initially, the system was used by Stern tests applied in studies of child development, and it was later refined and expanded its scope to the study of intelligence adults.

The idea of a universal indicator of the quality of mental abilities relished and very timely, especially became interested in the then booming America. This ratio is the ratio of the level of intelligence of a particular person to the average IQ of a person of the same age group.

Self testing is a complex logical tasks that the person proposed to solve in a relatively short period of time. Currently free IQ tests are widely available on the Internet and can be tested absolutely anyone who wants to know their level of intelligence.

However, we can not say that the test results reflect the overall picture of human development. They are more focused on certain exceptional one ability of the human brain: on the ability to think logically and nothing else. And this component, though very important, but does not include the general level of education, the number of accumulated knowledge, experience, mental and spiritual development.

Man - this is not a computer, chances are determined by the ability to quickly solve logical tasks based on the specified parameters. The widespread dissemination of this same testing tools, such as when you offer to go IQ tests in employment, says that society just need people computers. Once they are able to withstand the monotonous and boring work every day and will not be angry at the same low wages.

It is known that during the Second World War, intelligence test scores are encouraged to be candidates for the position of fighter pilots. And they took the results of the job are not the owners of the best results, but rather the worst. Because it needed people who are not able to analyze the orders and those who without hesitation go to die.

The whole experience of creating educational system states that the use of tests in general is the worst and least effective way of training and testing. Therefore, even the smartest people on Earth (based on IQ tests) do not necessarily superior to all others in its development.

Take the test online now anyone can, however, do not need to worry, even if the results are lower than expected. This does not mean that a person stupid, or narrow-minded. System IQ tests do not cover all the fullness of human capabilities to do it on the basis of the results of global conclusions about the person and hang tags.