Triple Nine Society

Triple Nine Society

Information about the secret societies have always fired the minds of romantics and dreamers. The reality of their existence is not always one hundred percent confirmed. But it is known that the planet operates openly Triple Nine Society, in order to get to that, it is enough to pass the test for iq and show the result of 150 points on a single type of decoding test and 142 points on another type of decoding test. The first type involves a deviation of 16 points, the second type allows a deviation of 15 points. 

At the moment, you know your IQ level is possible on specialized resources on the Internet. In that case the result will be close to the coveted high score, you can suggest your own uniqueness. In 99.9% of the inhabitants of the planet results below. Although independent conclusions become the basis for accession to the Society three nines. 

To obtain an official certificate is required in addition to test for iq under the supervision of official representatives of the club. Repetition unique result under strict control will enable members to join the ranks of the elite club. At the moment, it is not exceeding 1 000 geniuses. With all the external open society three nines officially announced the number of participants in 2007. At that point in its composition, there were 980 members. Then they represented 30 nations of the world, although most still are US citizens. 

Society three nines is not the first organization considers itself uniquely intelligent in the community. Just remember that it itself was founded in 1978 by the "wise men" who have decided to leave the ranks of other elite club most intelligent - International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE). International Society for Philosophical Research, is the translation ISPE, and was founded on the basis of the union of those who were able to present a good result intelligence test

Society three nines is quite active outreach. Its members produce their own magazine Vidya and participate in the discussion of the discussion club on the Internet. On their website, everyone can find out your IQ level and to assess the prospects of official invitations to representatives of the Company to register its own uniqueness. However, those who are not able to show the unique result of testing, do not be upset. Those who were able to "score" of at least 132 points, waiting in one of the oldest and largest of people with high IQs, society Mensa. Entering there, they can reassure themselves that the members of Mega Society, founded by Ronald K. Koeflinom show even better results than those that are included in the company of three nines. 

And the most unique that many scientists and psychologists believe that it is not the highest test result is rarely willing to guarantee to show a low level of mental development of the person who will receive the lowest scores. It is often assumed that high IQ test results show rather good erudition and willingness to accept the necessity of thinking patterns than the actual performance of mental development. However, any of the parties to the dispute about the appropriateness of the test, confident that determined in its opinion it is desirable after his passing, always becoming a fascinating intellectual entertainment.