Health and intelligence

Health and intelligence

It is no secret that the state of human health directly affects his mental faculties. Healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle, not only preserve the body, but also support brain activity in tone, it does not allow you to focus on the disease, but on something more useful - brain development, thinking, learning and training of intelligence. Besides, according to research by scientists people with higher IQs are less diseases and on average live longer than those whose mental development was lower, although the first and the second may have the same way of life and a set of bad habits. Scientists for 30 years were analyzed a group of 633 people since the age of 7, keeping in touch with them all the time. These people are regular medical checkups and tests for IQ (and you can check your level of intelligence and pass an IQ test for free online). It turned out that those who have IQ was lower, more sick with asthma, cancer, diabetes, suffer from problems with the cardiovascular system.

The researchers explained the results that people with higher IQ are usually arranged in a better life, have health insurance and a good environment to maintain their body's normal. Malnutrition, lack of sleep, stress leads to fatigue, various complications and diseases. Human health, as his intellect, largely laid in childhood, up to 6 years. During this period it is very important not only strongly develop the mental skills of the child, but watch out for his daily routine and diet. Scientists from the University in Scotland conducted a study and found that people with higher IQzhivut longer. One of the reasons - the hormone dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), a large number of which increases life expectancy. In children and adolescents the level above, but gradually over the life of it falls, although this trend is not observed in people with high IQs.

If you want to preserve the sharpness of mind, take care of a healthy lifestyle.

There are some simple rules that can help with this:

1. Eat a healthy diet, just burn extra calories and Heed to what you drink. Water should be clean and free of harmful contaminants, and should be enough - you should drink at least 2 liters a day. Eat nuts, turn on their menus cocoa, fish, blueberries, broccoli, black currants.

2. Sleep enough. Healthy and restful sleep not only gives the body a rest, but also helps to "reset" your brain, because during sleep they process and display on the shelves all received information per day.

3. Avoid bad habits. Alcohol, smoking and drugs destroy brain cells.

4. Doing things you love, make your life interesting and rich. Because of this you will constantly receive new interesting impressions and emotions, and this can have a positive impact on the level of the hormone DHEA in the body. If you carefully react to their health and lifestyle, your body will thank you excellent health and good mental work.

Check if you have cause for concern, it is possible, having passed the test for determining IQ free.